Typical Workout Routine

For me, physical health is not about getting those 6-pack abs. It’s about feeling strong and healthy. Working out is honoring your body and it shows what you are capable of. I try to exercise on a regular basis. Running and Yoga are my favorites.

I typically run or do some cardio for at least 40 minutes (5 days a week). I prefer running outside, but when the weather isn’t ideal I will go to the gym.


I also do some strength training (3 days a week). For this, I lift lighter weights with more reps. This builds lean muscle.


I try to do core workouts a couple times a week. Yoga is great for your core, my goal is to do Yoga once a week. Other core workouts include: planks, crunches, Russian twists, Pilates, etc.

Since I run a lot, I sometimes ignore my leg muscles. I do squats and lunges frequently, but maybe not as much as I should.

If you have a hard time finding motivation to go to the gym, I suggest finding an exercise/activity you love and focusing more on that. Some people need more excitement, if you are one of those people I recommend activities like rock climbing, crossfit, skateboarding, skiing, etc.


It’s more important to feel good and healthy. When considering your fitness routine, this should be kept in mind. It’s not something you should obsess over, but it’s also not something you should ignore.

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