I just received my influenster Aussie VoxBox in the mail and needless to say I am pretty excited for this one. If you don’t know what influenster is, it is a website/community where you can review all sorts of products and discover new products (makeup, hair, health, etc). If you want to check it out, here is the link. Additionally, you can receive products for free to try out and review.

These are the products I received:

  1. Aussie Awesome Volume Shampoo
  2. Aussie Awesome Volume Conditioner
  3. Aussie Mega Hairspray Flexible Hold

The shampoo and conditioner claim to provide 24 hour lightweight body and the products are infused with aloe, jojoba oil, and sea kelp. One drawback I’ve already noticed is that the shampoo contains sulfates so I don’t know how much I will actually use it, but I will still give it a go!

The hairspray says that it gives 24 hour hold, while still being flexible. The hairspray also contains aloe, jojoba oil, and sea kelp.

I am looking forward to trying these products, especially the hairspray and I will post my reviews probably in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reading!

Posted by:Kaley

A twenty something's journey through life. Finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. Passionate about veganism and intentional living.

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