We are constantly surrounded by makeup. From models and actresses to beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram. The makeup industry is blowing up and with that comes more pressure on people to wear makeup.

I love makeup. I love to play around with it and I like to do different looks. The process of putting on makeup is relaxing to me. But, I think that not wearing makeup also has its benefits. People should feel comfortable going barefaced.

When you don’t wear makeup, you start to accept your flaws. Sure you might look tired, but there is something beautiful about self-confidence and naturally rosy cheeks. Your skin will improve when you take a break from concealers and foundations. When you go makeup free you will start to realize that less is more and you will not apply layer after layer.

I like the way I look with and without makeup and you should too. What you put on your face doesn’t define you as a person. Makeup shouldn’t be something you feel pressured to wear, you should do it because it’s fun and you want to enhance your natural features (not change them).

Posted by:Kaley

A twenty something's journey through life. Finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. Passionate about veganism and intentional living.

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