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    Goodwill Haul 

    Personally, I love going to thrift stores. It’s a great way to reuse and recycle clothes, books, and other possessions. I really don’t care if other people judge me for it, I will still go to thrift stores. Not too long ago, I went to my local Goodwill. I regularly donate items to Goodwill, but this time I went I  was a consumer. I was mostly trying to kill time–turns out I actually found some quality items. I got three books that I am looking forward to reading. “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”, “American Creation”, and “The House Gun”. I  also purchased a necklace and blouses for school. Additionally, I got a…

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    Flower Beauty Brand Review

    I admire Drew Barrymore so when I saw her makeup range at Wal-Mart (Flower Beauty), I freaked out. First off, let’s talk about the packaging! I love white and gold so I was immediately drawn to the products. There is a good range of items: lip glosses/lipsticks, tinted moisturizers and foundations, powders, and eye products. I was surprised by how large of a selection there was because usually celebrity brands only have a few products. I purchased the mattifying loose powder in Translucent and the eyebrow pencil in deep brown. I have read positive reviews about the loose powder so I decided to purchase it. I got the mattifying one…

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    Affordable Makeup Brushes

    Brushes are essential to any makeup junkie. They make the application much easier and your makeup will look blended and not cakey (well most of the time). But, not everyone wants to give an arm and a leg just for decent brushes. Some of my favorite affordable brushes are from Eco Tools, E.l.f, and Real Techniques. You don’t need to go overboard on brushes- you just want the essentials. I would recommend starting out with a foundation brush (flat top brush), a powder brush, an angled brush, a stipple brush, and brushes for eyeshadows (crease brush, smudge brush, and shader brush). I recommend going to Ulta, Target, or even online…