Sorry that my posting hasn’t been consistent lately, I’m really trying to work on posting more regularly. But please keep on reading if you’re interested in skin care at all!

My skin has been red and irritated because of the harsh winter conditions. My moisturizer alone just wasn’t cutting it. I had a fairly bad allergic reaction to the last serum I tried so I really did research on the best serums. Vitamin B3 is supposed to reduce irritation, tighten pores, and apparently prevent damage/aging. Click here if you want to check it out!

I use this after I cleanse and tone and I leave it for five minutes and I will then put on a moisturizer. I wish I took before and after pictures because my skin is so calm now and it looks more radiant. This product is safe for acne prone skin as well. Although it might not completely cure your acne, I feel like I have had fewer breakouts when using this serum. It does take a couple of weeks to actually see results, so if you are thinking about purchasing this or something similar be sure to stick with it. I think it is worth trying. I ordered mine on Amazon, but I’m sure you can find it many places that sell natural skin care products.

I hope this was a helpful post. Thanks for reading!


Posted by:Kaley

A twenty something's journey through life. Finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. Passionate about veganism and intentional living.

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