Finding New Inspiration


Exhausted, fed-up, and barely functioning. Recently, I have experienced a low-point. I am not saying I’m depressed because I am far from it. People go through ups and downs and it’s perfectly normal, but lately it’s been hard for me to get excited about basically anything. Constantly switching between class and work has definitely taken a toll on me. Anything outside of school and work seems like a chore even if it is a social event.

While I am not completely out of this funk–finding new hobbies, and analyzing my attitude has improved my drive a great deal. Changing your attitude is easier said than done and it is something I am still working on. I just make sure to rid all negative thoughts from my head and I try to go into everything with an open mind. On the other hand, finding new hobbies and inspirations has been fairly easy. Taking a look at my surroundings-I see all of these amazing opportunities. I have started saying yes to more things and doing so has allowed me to become more involved in my community and on my campus. Also, I love nature so in my little amount of free time I go out and take pictures of my favorite places. I believe that you can find beauty anywhere and in surprising places. Doing this has really brought me closer to my friends because they admire what I am doing and this has given me something to do that is also meaningful. This is important, you should have hobbies; but I believe they should add value and more purpose to your life (as with anything).

Thanks for reading and I hope this impacts you in some way!

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5 comments on “Finding New Inspiration”

  1. Your photos are incredible! 😍 you definitely have a talent with photography. I try to keep a positive attitude too because I feel like that’s sometimes all I’m left with when I’m unwell and I’m grateful for it at the time. I’m going to try say “yes” to more things this year! Great post! 💗

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