Well as you may have noticed, I am not really a beauty blogger anymore. I have made a lot of life changes recently, including: going vegan and decluttering my possessions (I’ll leave links to these posts at the end). Don’t worry, I am not completely getting rid of all my beauty products. But, I have been evaluating my “collection”.

This started when I switched to a more minimalistic perspective. I kept the products I used most and benefited from and donated or discarded the items that were not getting used. Then, I went vegan and evaluated more of my products. Slowly, but surely I am getting rid of non-vegan or non-cruelty free products. I do not want to waste though, so some of the products I will use up and then replace it with an alternative. For me, I don’t think beauty blogging is long-lasting.

I don’t want to be restricted to only reviewing and hauling beauty products. There are so many other things I want to write about that are more meaningful. It doesn’t bother me if other people keep massive amounts of makeup (or anything else really), but to me going through and minimizing my makeup has been positive. Getting ready in the morning is easier and stress-free. I believe in balance so I don’t think I would ever completely discard all of my makeup. In general, I don’t think you should ever restrict yourself too much. I hope this encourages you to declutter a bit!

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Posted by:Kaley

A twenty something's journey through life. Finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. Passionate about veganism and intentional living.

2 replies on “Throwing Away Makeup

  1. I have also been reducing my makeup collection recently I just felt overwhelmed having a load of products that I want using when they could have had a better home with my friends and family! I am also replacing any products that test on animals with cruelty-free products as soon as they are used up x

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