Never Good Enough


I am enough…

It’s very easy to compare yourself to others. We live in a digital age where everyone is sharing their life on social media. This can be great to connect with people, but it is all too common to have feelings of envy and lower self-worth.

I’m not blaming social media. But, it has intensified this made up competition we have with one another. Being extreme is seen as admirable and anything in between isn’t something two write home about.

If you are in a relationship, people constantly ask you about marriage. If you are single, people ask how many dates you go on. If you are vegan, people ask if you are raw. You get the point-this goes on and on. Sometimes this is curiosity, but other times people are actually sizing you up.

I wish I had something profound to tell you. Some people are never satisfied and that is not your fault. Stop comparing yourself to those on social media (you don’t know what happens behind the scenes). Everyone has different paths and you shouldn’t feel pressured to conform. Simply being yourself is and always will be enough.

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5 comments on “Never Good Enough”

  1. Comparing has really become a big problem in today’s competitive world… Almost like survival of the fittest. When people realise that they are enough or content, that is when there will be a change! Lovely post!


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