People pleaser…


We are all hypocrites, aren’t we? We are so quick to tell others how to “fix” their life, but we often don’t take our own advice. It’s so easy to give our opinion, but when looking at our own lives we seldom change. Even I am guilty of this.

I often tell people that they need to love themselves and I tell people that they need to be more empowered. The no. 1 thing I always tell people – “you shouldn’t care what people think”. Hypocrisy. I always care what people think. I try so hard not to, but I can be a huge people pleaser. It aggravates me so much if someone doesn’t like me or I can tell they’re judging me. I haven’t gotten much better about it either, I’m just better at hiding it.

I would give you advice on this, but I am a hypocrite and you’re probably one too!

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