Consumption is out of control. More, more, more. This is driving our society. We buy more in hopes of instant gratification. Getting that next “best thing” will make your life easier. False. The constant search for better and newer things just creates clutter. Clutter holds you back and is essentially visual noise. Do you want to be a slave to your possessions?

I think there are two types of clutter. There is mental clutter and there is physical clutter. Both can be caused by social media and mass consumption. Mental clutter can be commercials, advertisements, magazine covers, etc. While these things can’t collect on your floor, they can collect in your mind and cause stress. Physical clutter is obvious. Physical clutter takes up space. It’s all of the unnecessary things you buy. It’s those things that have no meaning or purpose to you. Those things just lying on your floor.

I’m not saying that social media is bad or that shopping is bad. It just needs to be decluttered. Make sure that you are only allowing positive things and ideas into your life.

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