Looking Out


I don’t usually write about extremely personal experiences, but I feel that I need to tell this…

It was just a normal day. I went shopping and everything seemed fine. I was in line checking out and someone stood in line behind me, which is a normal thing. But, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I instantly felt uncomfortable even though nothing was wrong at that moment.

The man behind me was mumbling and breathing heavily. I was panicking on the inside and it felt like the cashier was taking ages to ring up my items. The man kept moving closer and closer to me. I was stiff. I don’t really want to write something vulgar so I’ll just stop this part here. The man behind me did something inappropriate and I am sure you can guess what happened.

Anyway, I should’ve yelled at him or told the cashier. But, for whatever reason I didn’t want to cause a scene and I just wanted to run out of the store. I took my bags and I left the store in a hurry. I started driving home and I thought I was safe. A few minutes later I looked behind me and the man from the store was behind me. Obviously this freaked me out, but I live in a somewhat small town so I tried not to act paranoid. His truck was very close to my car however and if I switched lanes, he switched lanes. I realized that he was following me. I started driving to random places because I didn’t want him to know where I live.

I didn’t know what to do. I just kept telling myself, “I want this man to go away”. About 10 minutes later, a police officer pulled him over. He wasn’t speeding, so I don’t know why he was pulled over. But, I feel that someone was looking out for me. The situation could’ve been much worse. The police officer pulled him over at a perfect time. I was able to drive home, while the man was talking to the police officer.

Looking back on this experience, I could’ve done some things differently. I should’ve told someone and maybe he wouldn’t have followed me. Regardless, I am grateful to whoever or whatever force allowed me to drive home safely. Thanks for looking out for me.


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