In my opinion, a vegan lifestyle partly involves reducing waste. I have never enjoyed shopping and I typically prefer going to thrift shops before going to a mall. There is so much waste and consumption that goes into producing new clothing. Also, let’s not forget that factory workers spend 8+ hours a day in poor conditions producing clothes. I believe that it is super important to go to thrift stores, second hand stores, or even just swapping clothes with friends.

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This trip to Goodwill, I bought a patterned blouse, a pair of cropped jeans, and some dishes. I also like to get dishes at thrift shops because it makes my Instagram look more unique. I always check to make sure what I am getting is in decent condition. We need to break the stigma surrounding used items. People discard perfectly good items. You should not feel ashamed for saving money and reducing waste.

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12 replies on “Goodwill Haul | Round 2

  1. Love second-hand stores! Always find such cool things – and like you, I like to recycle! However, I have to add that some of the true ghost stories I post might advise caution 🙂 We’ve had haunted jewelry, haunted furniture, etc. 🙂 Personally, I’ve never had any strangeness issues with purchases (just with some stuff handed down from the family!). Great post!

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