Vegan Advice: Supplements + iHerb


Should you take vitamins and supplements as a vegan? Some people say that you should only get your vitamins through your diet and food. I used to be like this as well. It is very possible to get all of the necessary nutrients through food, even on a plant-based diet. However, incorporating vitamins into your routine can improve your health even more.

I avoided vitamins for around 6 months (as a vegan). My blood work was great and I didn’t have any deficiencies (even b12). But I had moved into my dorm and I noticed, I was more prone to sicknesses and I would get tired more easily. Even after adjusting how I ate (still vegan) , I still had the same “symptoms”. It could have been caused from stress or lack of sleep. I am not really sure what caused this, but incorporating certain vitamins/supplements helped tremendously.

The two vitamins I take on a regular basis are a multivitamin and a b12 vitamin (you could also take a b-complex). I take these everyday. There are some that I only take as needed. I take a vegan hair, skin, and nails supplement when I feel like my skin is too dry. I take l-lysine (as needed) for my hair and skin as well. My multivitamin has vitamin D in it, which is also important for most people to take.

Due to soil depletion, our soil is not as nutrient packed as it used to be and that is why more and more people should be taking vitamins (especially b12). I think it is super important for vegans and nonvegans to take some type of vitamin, especially if you are always busy like I am. I recently ordered some items off of iHerb that I wanted to share.

iherb 1iherb 2

I stocked up on my b12 vitamin and hair, skin, and nails supplement. I got a cruelty free cleanser, that I like so far. I also ordered a greens powder, which I have also been liking so far. Not all of these are necessary, but I do enjoy them. If you want 5% off you can use the code: KAL2060. You shouldn’t rely solely on vitamins for nutrition, but they can help immune support and improve your general health.

Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please seek out professional assistance when making any big lifestyle changes. I do not receive commission with the iHerb code. When I use affiliate links, I always disclose that.

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8 comments on “Vegan Advice: Supplements + iHerb”

  1. I’ve been foregoing the vitamins too until recently, when I noticed my nailbeds have started to show… fine lines and such. My cousin (who was a vegan for about 12 years) said a possible alternative for a multi would be a prenatal multi. I haven’t done much research yet but I’m considering all my options lol.

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