BEST OF 2017


What a year! Prepare yourself for a super cliché 2017 post. I’ve been seeing a lot of memes talking about how 2017 was the worst. While they’re very funny, it doesn’t reflect my 2017. I had a great year! I went on some trips, had fun with my friends, read good books, saw the solar eclipse, started my vegan journey, got a fulfilling job, volunteered, and so many more things. I have more goals for 2018 (post coming soon), but now I would just like to take time to reflect on my year. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from 2017, my top posts of 2017, and my “best nine” of 2017.



A Weekend of Good Eats: Wichita

The Sunflower State

Chasing Sunsets

A Weekend in Nashville

Savannah Travel Guide

Benefits of Veganism

There’s so much I could say, but I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are my “best nine” from both of my Instagram accounts (links at the end).


This year, I have been taking blogging more seriously. Here are my MOST VIEWED POSTS OF 2017…

Running Your Best


Vegan Advice: Dorm Rooms

A Weekend of Good Eats: Wichita

The Sunflower State

Benefits of Veganism

Breakfast Smoothie + 200 Follows

Goodwill Haul | Round 2


Vegan Chili

Thanks for reading about my year! Leave some of your favorite memories from 2017 in the comments.

P.S. Sorry about all of the links, I just didn’t want to repeat what I have already written about.


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