These days, people are increasingly obsessed with views, likes, and followers. That sentence just made me sound super old, I’m not…Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy when I get more views on Instagram or this blog. But, I am not obsessed with it and it’s more about spreading a good message than about the number.

My social media accounts are gradually growing and I am so grateful for that. However, they don’t always grow as fast as other accounts I see. I’ve always wondered why accounts with less quality content have more followers. I used to think it was sheer luck. There are services that automate and boost your social media for X amount of dollars per month. Basically, you sign up and share your account with the service. They like and follow automatically based on hashtags, content, and pages. One of these services reached out to me and gave me a free trial. I’m not going to say the brand because I’m assuming they are all essentially the same and I do not recommend growing your social media this way. Out of curiosity, I tried it out.

Basically, you share your Instagram profile with the company and tell them related hashtags and pages and they automatically like and follow for you. Each day they like more. This is to increase the reach of your profile. I am not completely against this. It does increase the amount of views you get and you might find pages that you wouldn’t have found before. But people know when your profile is automated. It can be fake and sketchy.

Being genuine, relatable, and authentic on social media is the best way to go (in my opinion). Yes, your account will grow at a slower pace. However, your followers will enjoy your content more and become more supportive. I don’t really even like the term “follower” because I think social media accounts should be more like communities. The best way to “boost” your page is to post meaningful content, post regularly, and genuinely interact with others. Using hashtags and sharing on different platforms is important, but not as important as the message you are trying to spread.

If you are thinking about signing up for one of these services, I would say pass and stop obsessing over numbers. I know everyone hears this all of the time, but “just be yourself”. I hope this little rant was helpful. Thanks for reading!


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Posted by:Kaley

A twenty something's journey through life. Finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. Passionate about veganism and intentional living.

7 replies on ““Boosting” Your Social Media

  1. Whether or not I get lots of likes or views or followers hasn’t mattered at all. With photography people are probably quickly scrolling through hundreds of pictures looking for somebody or funny. When I post nudes, even a low quality I get lots of likes. On high quality photos or wordy reads I don’t get very many. I don’t know. Sorry for rambling on your post.

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  2. I also believe in communities. I rather have a small group of people that I know is watching instead of just numbers with probably no one behind them. A couple of days ago, I was working on my own website and every time I did something it counted as a view. Strange.

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  3. It does make me feel the same. Sometimes, I felt depressed seeing few likes on posts uploaded. And, I used strive at my best ability to think and upload post, thought, or picture. But, now I really don’t care. Well, I still feel deep in my heart that my blogs aren’t that bad. Also, realised that likes are not just based on the quality of content but various other psychological reasons. You know what I mean. Hope I tried my best to explain. 😌

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    1. I know what you mean. Focusing so much on likes or number of views is bad for one’s mental health. Also, algorithms play a large factor and it has nothing to do with quality of content. Thanks for commenting!

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