February Captures


“In winter, you feel the bone structure of the landscape.” ~ Andrew Wyeth. I’m back again with another monthly round up of my pictures. I don’t have as many nature photos because February was brutally cold. All of these were taken in Kansas, in case you were wondering.


I really focused on detail in the month of February. I wanted to capture small moments that sparked something in me.

My other love. FOOD…

You might have seen some of these pictures in my previous post. I clearly was obsessed with breakfast food in February.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos! Thanks for visiting my blog. February wasn’t the best month because I got sick and I was also swamped with school work. The photos were taken with my iPhone or with my DSLR (all taken by me) if you were curious.

~Please give me credit if you use one of these photos. Thanks.


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