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    When you just can’t deal… I gave up my control. I’ve let life just happen. I’ve sat back and allowed co-pilots to steer me. This sounds great, right? Just sitting back and relaxing. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been great. For the past few weeks, I have done the minimum. I go to school, I go to work, I sleep, I eat, and I repeat this process every day. I’m doing the minimum, but I still feel like there’s not enough time in the day. There was a time when I wanted to do everything. And I basically did ‘do everything’. I over programmed myself. I became so involved…

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    A Vegan in Kansas

    I basically live in the middle of nowhere. I am not exaggerating. I could drive 10 minutes and end up in a field. I don’t consider veganism “hard” or “unrealistic”. However, it can be a challenge sometimes when you live in Kansas (or any Midwestern state). I see a lot of “eat beef” license plates and finding options at restaurants can be difficult. This post is based on my experiences and I hope it gives you some useful tips, especially if you live in a not so vegan friendly area. Basic diary free oatmeal with fruit on top Asking for substitutions is super important. Just set aside your anxiety and…

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    Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies // Vegan

    “Do you only eat salads?”. I laugh every time someone asks this. Eating vegan doesn’t have to be boring. I have proved this time and time again. Before making this recipe, I didn’t really eat cookies. That’s changed for sure. These cookies are easy to make, really tasty, and somewhat healthy. PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION Oven: 350 degrees Bake Time: 7-8 minutes Prep Time: 10 minutes Serves: 4-8 servings (makes 1 dozen) WHAT YOU’LL NEED… ½ cup chunky peanut butter. ½ cup brown sugar. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. 1 teaspoon maple syrup.   1 tablespoon ground flax seed. 3 tablespoons water. 1.5 cups rolled oats. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. 1 teaspoon…

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    22 Things in 22 Years

    I am officially 22 years young! Yes, I am that annoying person that announces their birthday. It might be the day after my birthday when I post this. Anyway, I have seen a lot of posts about “things I have learned in…” insert number of years.  Adulting is one giant teachable moment. Most of my learning experiences have come from the past few years. Without further ado, here are 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years. It’s not the end of the world. It might seem like a big deal, but it’s probably not. Life goes on and you will overcome it. Follow your passions. Life is too short and you shouldn’t…

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    Food Photography: March Compilation

    You could say that one of my hobbies is food photography. I guess that makes me a hipster. Anyway, I am constantly learning about what makes a good “food photo”. On my blog–I typically share vegan, lifestyle, or nature related posts. But, I rarely share about the topic of food photography. I thought I would share recent food photos and some advice I’ve learned. For those of you that are interested, here are my food photos from last month: As you can see, there is still room for improvement. However, I have learned a good amount about the subject. Lighting is always important in photography, but even more so in…

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    March Captures

    “It was one of those March days when he sun shines hot and the wind blown cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ~ Great Expectations. March was fine, but now it is April AKA my birth month! This is part 2 of my March Captures. Look at Part 1 Here. I’m just going to jump right in. Here are my photos from the month of March. You might notice that there isn’t very much color, that is because nothing has bloomed yet where I live. Sorry if you like vibrancy. I hope you enjoy these photos. Tell me about your March in the…

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