Sometimes I see something and I exist only in that moment. It’s one thing to see something pretty, but it’s even better when something makes you think of how special the moment is.

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I compiled these photos to remind me to slow down. No one knows how long something will last. When I am old, I hope to remember the small moments that seemed so rare and fleeting.

Rays of sunlight truly turn everything into magic. These are my favorite photos from June, so this is my monthly round up. Thanks for reading! I am wishing everyone a great summer! For more photos like these follow my instagram.

*I hope you enjoy these photos. All were taken by me, if you would like to use them please credit me. I use my iPhone or Canon SL2.


* This is NOT a sponsored post.  I am affiliated with , however my opinions are not influenced by this. I do receive a small commission if you choose to use my link.

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Posted by:Kaley

A twenty something's journey through life. Finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. Passionate about veganism and intentional living.

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