I might be addicted to thrifting. I guess it’s better than buying into mass consumerism. I recently moved and instead of buying expensive and uninteresting pieces, I have been going to thrift stores to find things for my place.

While I try to avoid buying too many possessions, I like to buy secondhand because it is more environmentally conscious. If you are a blogger or instagrammer then you can also look for props or supplies at thrift stores. If you are on a budget or trying to reduce your environmental impact, you might consider buying more things secondhand.

In this “part 3”, I got dishes, a tray, and storage containers (which aren’t photographed).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The dishes I obviously use for food. The tray I put on my desk and I use for photos sometimes. I forgot to take photos of the storage containers I got, but they are fairly standard. I put them in my closet to store miscellaneous items.

This was a super quick post, sorry about that! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it inspires you to find more second hand options. Thanks for reading!


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Posted by:Kaley

I'm the creator behind authenticallyvegan.com. So what is it all about? It's a twenty something's journey through life. Someone finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. And a passion for veganism and intentional living.

8 replies on “Goodwill Finds | Part 3

  1. Pretty dishes! I used to love thrifting and bringing home tons of treasures, but I really needed to cut down on my belongings. I’m proud of myself that I went to the thrift store to get two vases and left with only that! Haha!

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