“It won’t get much better than this”. It’s great to those moments that stop you in your tracks. You fall silent because you don’t want to ruin perfection. You start to realize that life is full of growth and change, hardships and good days, and everything in between.


“We all tend to see our bodies as ‘frozen sculptures’ – A sold, fixed, material object – when in reality our bodies are more like rivers, constantly changing, flowing patterns of intelligence.” ~ Dr. Neal Houston.


This doesn’t necessarily mean our physical bodies. We are not stagnant in life even when we feel stuck. I guess what I mean by all of this is that I am content where I am for I know that I will adapt and grow.


I took these photos and that’s what made me think about this idea. When I took these, I thought they were the best I have done so far. I didn’t mean it in a negative way. I am just embracing where I am now and also where I will be. I know that I will continue to improve, with photography and with life in general. We should acknowledge our accomplishments in the moment, but still aim to work harder. Share in the comments something you want to get better at. I hope you enjoy these photos!

*These photos belong to me, if you want to use them please credit me. Thanks for Reading! This post is NOT sponsored, however I am affiliated with iHerb and I do earn a small commission if you decide to use my link.


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I'm the creator behind authenticallyvegan.com. So what is it all about? It's a twenty something's journey through life. Someone finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. And a passion for veganism and intentional living.

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