We all want to, right? We all want greatness and we all want to be successful. But what happens when you get too caught up in it? Perfectionism in combination with impatience can be debilitating at times.

I am usually driven and this is partly because I strive for flawlessness. Not flawlessness in a beauty sense, but I hate mistakes and they easily upset me. On the other hand, focusing on goals and aspirations typically gives me more energy. I enjoy hard work and achieving goals I set. The pros, for the most part, outweigh the cons. What happens when they don’t?

At times, it can seem like too much. I will overwork myself and expect the results to happen instantly. I’ll get upset and then I’ll start comparing myself. Then I feel beaten down.

We are not handed things and not everything happens like it is supposed to. These are hard to swallow pills, but life is unpredictable. I am starting to learn that patience and diligence are more important than perfection. It is better be passionate about your interests than it is to spend your time trying to be perfect (you will be waiting a while). It is better to see how things progress than it is to be consumed with self-doubt and impatience.

These are just some thoughts I have had recently. Some perfectionist tendencies are okay, but it is not fun when it causes fear and other negative feelings. Thanks for reading and I hope some of you can relate to these feelings!

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I'm the creator behind authenticallyvegan.com. So what is it all about? It's a twenty something's journey through life. Someone finding purpose and beauty in even the small things. And a passion for veganism and intentional living.

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