Ethereal // iPhone Photography


ETHEREAL ~ of or relating to the regions beyond earth. Celestial, heavenly, unworldly, and spiritual. I’ve been really inspired by this concept and it has manifested in my photography.

I mostly share the photos I have taken with my camera, but I like how some of my recent iPhone photos turned out and they (in my mind) fit the ethereal aesthetic. A little bit ago, I wrote a post about taking quality photos with a smart phone. Well…I somehow accidentally deleted that and it’s not even in my trash folder. So think of this as round 2. Please enjoy my photos and tips!






The best camera you can have is the one that is most accessible, especially if you are just beginning. Smartphones can take decent photos, you just have to work a little harder. Taking photos in the early morning or a little before sunset are the best times to take nature photos with an iPhone. The light will better illuminate the objects and this is important if you want a more golden or ethereal look to your photos. If you want a moody look, taking photos when the weather is stormy/cloudy can help you achieve this. You will also achieve more clarity and this is sometimes harder with a phone.

Having your phone horizontal or using square mode are best for blog or social media photos. I didn’t do this with these photos because I wasn’t initially going to post them, but usually I shoot in square mode if I know I will post them. Having the sunlight hitting objects from an angle will create an other worldly look. I did this in most of my pictures. Using cool tones and vintage looking filters will also achieve this look. Some apps I like are: VSCO, Colour Tone, Fotor, and PhotoScape.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully these tips help you and I hope you liked the photos.

*Just so you know: all photos taken by me, if you want to use them please credit me. Thanks for visiting my blog! This post is NOT sponsored, however I am affiliated with iHerb and Amazon and I do earn a small commission if you decide to use my links. Check out my Shop page for more info. Thanks again for reading!


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9 comments on “Ethereal // iPhone Photography”

  1. Beautiful photos, and really good tips for me to start out with just my phone rather than a clunky DSLR. I love these types of photos and this kind of play with light. I’m a big fan of the ethereal, if not surreal, otherworldy picture too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you liked this post. I love my dslr, but I don’t have it with me and sometimes I’m just too lazy. It is still possible to achieve good photos with a phone and the right editing!

      Liked by 1 person

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