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    My Favorite Cruelty-Free and Organic Products

    This isn’t something I typically would post because I loathe shopping. But I haven’t posted about cruelty-free products in a while and I get questions so…here I am, writing about the products I use. I consider myself an ethical vegan, which means that I buy cruelty-free lifestyle and beauty products. If I can afford an organic option then I will also purchase that. It can get expensive, but buying online definitely helps. I also avoid buying makeup, so I save money there. All of these products I am going to share are affordable and add value to my life. Pin This ⇓♥ Deva Vitamins It’s usually difficult to find vitamins…

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    Autumn’s Beginning

    Standing in the middle of a field on a cloudy and windy day, I realized that summer is over. … I’m not one to typically do the fall aesthetic thing on my blog. but I did do a shoot recently and the photos look like a transition from summer to autumn. If that makes sense. The sunflowers are still out, but the landscape is turning darker. The photos definitely turned out moody. Okay, on to what you came here for. …   … I hope you enjoyed the autumn-ish photos! I have some posts planned, but if you have any ideas let me know. Side note: I have been wanting to…

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    High Protein Breakfast Recipes // Vegan

    “But where do you get your protein?”. Immediately roll my eyes. Every vegan hates this question because nearly every whole plant food has protein. “But Kaley…What about essential amino acids?”. If you eat a variety of foods, then you have nothing to worry about. The only time you wouldn’t get an adequate amount of protein is if you are starving yourself (eating well under 1000 calories). Every vegan on the planet probably hears comments or questions like these. Most people don’t realize that plant-based foods/meals can still be high-protein. I try to eat higher protein in the morning because my days are busy. I do not necessarily recommend a high…

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    Rural Aesthetic

    It’s nearly fall and the sunflowers are just now blooming! I definitely loved sunflowers before it was cool, just saying. Anyway, on to what you actually came here for. I call these photos…”Rural Aesthetic”. I spent more than an hour standing in a field in the middle of nowhere and I think it was worth it. I got my daily dose of vitamin D, I took these pictures, and I was alone in nature (which is one of my favorite things). “Nor rural sights alone, but rural sounds, exhilarate the spirit, and restore the tone of languid nature.” – William Cowper. Thanks for visiting my blog! *Just so you know:…

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    Veganism is a Privilege & Other Thoughts

    It’s time to ruffle some feathers! I am going to talk about the “p” word, so if you are triggered by topics about privilege, then this is your warning. Before I dive into what I want to talk about, I just need to give a little disclaimer. I am vegan and I love this lifestyle and I am not bashing or gossiping about anyone specifically. Moving on… When I was a new vegan, I would get really annoyed when people said that it was too hard and too expensive and all those other excuses. I used to think that any person regardless of economic status could adopt a vegan lifestyle.…

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