Welcome to my new series! I always see YouTubers do these posts where they eat/drink and talk about a topic. So I thought I would do that in a written format. Grab some coffee, tea, or whatever you want and join me in this discussion (only if you want to of course).

I want to talk about selfishness today. Everyone is a little selfish at times. But I’ve been really frustrated because I feel like I am surrounded by takers. People that are only around you when they want someone. They take, take, and take until you just feel exhausted. They don’t think of how their actions affects you or others.

It’s partly my fault because I am always willing to help friends and I am generous with my time. This attracts selfish people and they assume I am unaware that they are using me. I am aware, I just don’t know how to deal with them. I honestly just don’t understand how people can only do things out of self-interest. I am in no way a selfless person, but my interactions with people are genuine. I don’t expect people to constantly tell me “good job” but I would like to be appreciated, especially if I am going out of my way.

It helps to be firm with “takers”. You can be nice and still draw boundaries. How do you deal with this? Tell me in the comments your thoughts. I used to do a lot of posts like this, but I have been focusing more on recipes and photography. Anyway, I am going to try to do these coffee chats at least once a month. That’s really all I have to say…thanks for reading!

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11 replies on “Takers // Coffee Chats

  1. I get what you mean. It sucks to be taken advantage of when we are only trying to be nice and mindful of others’ needs.

    These “takers” will always come back for more, simply because we are the easier option.

    I have always been quite a “people pleaser”, until I realised that I cannot make others happy if I’m not happy myself. I find that what works best for me (I too struggle to say no) is to let the person know that I’m occupied at the moment, but if he/she needs my help later, I’ll be able to help after I’m done. Usually they would’ve gone away by then. 🙂

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  2. I think it is about figuring out what is right for you to give and what you want to get back. It is about getting the balance as there will be times when you feel like you are just giving all the time but then others when you are like actually I want this person to be there for me but I don’t have it in me to give anything back at the moment but that is okay.

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  3. I really like your idea of taking concepts from Youtube, and applying them to the blogging realm. Video is good for a lot of things, but textual communication has a lot of its own great features too. And wonderful use of the coffee cup/sunbeam image to set the tone!

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  4. I feel your pain. I am right there with you. I get taken advantage of a lot too, because like you, I am a giver and a nurturer as well. I don’t ask for much from people, and I rarely ask for help, but on those rare occasions when I do, very few people are there for me like I am for them. It is very frustrating indeed. But if you dwell on it too much, it will make you bitter and it will change who you are. Just keep being you and good things will happen. You will see who your real friends are.

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