A Vegan in Kansas

I basically live in the middle of nowhere. I am not exaggerating. I could drive 10 minutes and end up in a field. I don’t consider veganism “hard” or “unrealistic”. However, it can be a challenge sometimes when you live in Kansas (or any Midwestern state). I see a lot of “eat beef” license plates and finding options at restaurants can be difficult. This post is based on my experiences and I hope it gives you some useful tips, especially if you live in a not so vegan friendly area.


Basic diary free oatmeal with fruit on top

Asking for substitutions is super important. Just set aside your anxiety and ask the server if it’s okay to make substitutions. Main dishes might not be able to be made vegan, but most restaurants have vegan friendly sides. I’ve noticed that cafes, brunch restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and Indian restaurants typically have good options.


Raspberry vegan cheesecake.


Tortilla chips with cashew cheese and veggies.

Don’t be discouraged. Sometimes you find great restaurants in the most unexpected places. I was in Wichita a few weekends ago and I went to a great restaurant called, “Lotus Leaf Cafe”. It was mostly plant-based and it has some options for your omnivore friends. My sister doesn’t usually like “healthy” food and she really liked this place. I had an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert and everything was great!


Raspberry nice cream bowl.

Learning how to cook is important no matter where you live and no matter what your lifestyle is. Learning how to cook will make you self-sufficient and you will take pride in yourself. If you live in a town with few vegan options, it is imperative that you learn how to cook.


Chickpea Wrap

If you can find a restaurant that has wraps, more than likely they will have one you can easily make vegan. Wraps are also very easy to make on your own, even if you are on a trip.


Tofu with veggies and rice.

Chinese or other Asian restaurants usually have more options. I would just ask your server if they use fish products in their sauces. Most Chinese restaurants have tofu dishes, curries, and vegetable stir-fry dishes.

I’ve been vegan for a while and I sometimes forget that people might feel anxiety at restaurants. I hope some of these tips help. I kept it pretty general. If I can survive being a vegan in Kansas, then you can definitely try this lifestyle as well. If you have more questions or you have more to contribute, please post in the comments. Thanks for reading!

~ Sorry for the quality of some of these photos. I don’t bring my camera with me everywhere so sometimes I use my phone. Nonetheless, all photos were taken by me. If you want to use one, please credit me. This post was NOT sponsored.


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Although, I am not vegan I do enjoy many vegan friendly meals. Your raspberry nice cream looks so refreshing and tasty! Great post!


I had this same challenge when I visited family in Missouri. Had to stick to home cooked meals. Mostly everyone thinks it’s weird and u don’t get enough protein

Joshua Dyer

Our little family has found a similar experience in Alabama, so we can totally relate! It is fun to find your own way, even if a bit frustrating at times.

Dietitian Mom

Great tips on eating out and being resourceful and creative! 🙂




This can be the same in Missouri. And heaven forbid, don’t say the word “organic” 🙂


[…] A Vegan in Kansas […]

Cassidy Jo

I’m in the Wichita area and it’s easier to find restaurants in the large city, but anywhere else in Kansas it’s basically impossible. Thankfully more restaurants are including veggie burgers in their menus!

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