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Since I have been growing my blog, I have compared myself to bloggers with more views and followers. Sometimes I get caught up in it and I think that I must have the newest macbook and the newest camera to have a successful blog. This is absolutely not true. For the most part, I have been growing my blog via smartphone. I am no expert, but I thought I would share some things that have helped me.

  • Utilize the right apps

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These are some of the apps I use to enhance my blog. VSCO is for photo editing. It is way more professional looking than just using Instagram filters. You don’t need a professional grade camera to use VSCO, you just upload pictures from your phone. I have Instagram, which most people have. I post every other day and I also share when I have posted on WordPress (link to my account at the end of the post). I have the WordPress app. You can write your posts directly on the app and schedule them as well. The app has basically all of the features the website has. Tumblr is another social media app I use for my blog. You can upload your WordPress posts to your Tumblr feed. You can post photos or reblog other posts. It’s a great way to spread around your blog post. Whitegram is another photo editing tool. I use it to add backgrounds to my photos (mainly white ones). You might have noticed that I focus mainly on photos. That is because in my opinion, having appealing photos is the best way to get people to read your blog. Photos evoke emotion and they relate to what you are writing. Bloglovin is another great app for promoting your blog. This allows people that don’t have WordPress to view your posts in one central area. Once Bloglovin is linked to your blog, it automatically updates your posts. You can also post directly on the app.

  • Use your phone’s camera.
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This is an obvious one, but you can start out using your iPhone’s camera to take blog photos. I still use my iPhone for photos. What’s more important is lighting and composition. Take photos outside or near a window with decent natural lighting. Make sure the proportions in your photo will look good in your blog post and use the editing tools I previously mentioned. It also helps to take photos in square mode or horizontally.

  • Take notes on your phone.


Whenever I have ideas for my blog, I type them in my notes app. It’s great for when I only have my phone with me or I have no internet access. I can also just copy and paste to the WordPress app.

  • Use what you already have.


This isn’t necessarily related to using your phone, but I just wanted to stress that you should use what you already have. You don’t need to buy tons of supplies for photos or buy a new laptop or camera just to start a blog. Backgrounds I use for photos are scarves or patterns I already own. If I do buy things for my blog, they are inexpensive and usually bought second hand. If you feel that you do need to use a higher quality device that you do not own, then your public library can probably lend it to you. You can use their computers or you can check out a better quality camera to use temporarily.

  • Schedule your posts.

You can easily schedule your blog posts using the WordPress app. I do this when I know I am going to be super busy. There are also other apps that you can use to schedule other social media posts as well (UNUM and Hootsuite). If you want to exclusively use your phone to build an audience, I highly suggest scheduling posts.

I hope I gave you all some helpful advice! Thanks for reading!

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