Current Nutrition Favorites

I’ve always prioritized my health. Lately, I have valued healthy living even more.

I want to share some of my nutrition favorites. Keep in mind that I am vegan and my dietary needs might be different than yours. Do what you think is best based on your diet/lifestyle.


Because I eat only plant foods, it is sometimes harder to obtain metals such as Zinc. I started taking zinc because I was experiencing breakouts on the face even though there were no changes in my skincare routine or nutrition. If you are suffering from non-hormonal breakouts on the face; it could be an indication of low Zinc, Vitamin A, or Vitamin K. Some other vegan sources of zinc are flax seeds, kidney beans, and pumpkin seeds. Zinc is also good for hair growth.



I love making smoothies, but I don’t always love massive amounts of spinach in my smoothies. Spirulina is a green powder derived from algae. It is a good source of many nutrients like B-vitamins, protein, and iron. Spirulina also improves energy and digestion. The powder doesn’t have a taste when blended in drinks. I usually only do a half serving because I find that I don’t need a full serving (2 teaspoons).

Track (app)


You might be wondering how I knew I needed more Zinc. I downloaded an app called Track and you put in your meals and it gives you a breakdown of the nutrients, calories, percentages of macros, and activity. This is a great app, especially for others eating plant-based. If you feel you might be deficient in something, I recommend this app. If you are consistently deficient, then I recommend going to your family doctor and getting a blood test. This app also helps me maintain a low-fat vegan diet (mostly whole foods), which is when I feel the best.

I hope you enjoyed these nutrition favorites! If you have any, please leave them in the comments!


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