December Captures

December is an odd month. Everyone prepares for the holidays and then there’s always an awkward few days between Christmas and the new year. My December started out with finals and then I went to my parent’s house for a few weeks. I went back and forth for Christmas parties. I felt very busy, but the month went by quickly.

If you have been keeping up with my blog, then you know that I am passionate about veganism and I am a foodie. But I am also interested in nature photography. To celebrate the end of December, I thought I would share photos I have taken in December. All of the photos were taken in either Missouri or Kansas. I picked photos that I thought best represented the month of December and the upcoming new year.

It was an unseasonably warm winter in the Midwest. The first week or so, the land was dry and barren. The trees were leafless, but I still felt that there was a beauty within that.

Finally, the last week of the month it snowed about 1-2 inches. I love snow and I love taking pictures when it snows.

During this month, I also reminisced about the summer. I miss hiking and vacationing.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!

*Like I said before, all of the images were taken by me. I used VSCO to edit the photos.


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  1. I LOVE these pictures. As a photo major, I definitely approve of these photos. You really pull us in with your use of line and empty spaces!

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