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I’m a little late on this as many of you have probably gotten your loved ones gifts, but I’m sure there are other procrastinators out there! I thought I would share gift ideas that add value and are more mindful. I think that anyone would like these, but these ideas are more targeted toward millenials or for foodies and content creators. 

Some of these items are affordable and others are more of an investment. Everyone has a different budget for the holidays, so I’m trying to include things for everyone. Before I get into this, I think I should talk about what intentional living means to me.

Some people that subscribe to minimalism or intentional living do not participate in gift giving. That is totally fine! Personally, intentional living (in my opinion) means being more mindful about the items you bring into your life. You don’t have to completely stop buying material items, especially during the holidays. If you are concerned that people will buy you useless gifts, then you can respectfully give them suggestions that you would enjoy more. It doesn’t make you less of a minimalist, if you want to buy your loved ones a few special and meaningful items. Additionally, you probably have noticed that I use affiliate links on my website. Some people do not see that as “intentional”. I use the links in a mindful way. I share products that I have trouble finding in my small town. I also share items that I use frequently and find meaning in. Some of my links are for Amazon. I use Amazon because I know that many people have access to it. It’s not because I want to push products on my readers. I try to support small businesses in my daily life and when small brands reach out to me, I am more than happy to work with them. If you don’t agree with affiliate links, that is great! I am not forcing you to click on links or buy products I share. Most posts I write aren’t even about buying. The reason I link to some items, is because I get questions about the things I use either in the kitchen or cruelty-free products. 

Okay my little rant is over. Here are the gift ideas. 

Food Subscription Services 

If you have any foodies in your family, then a great option is to buy them a meal delivery or grocery subscription. There are many out there. For vegans and vegetarians, Purple Carrot and Thrive Market seem to be the most popular. 

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a meal delivery service that sends weekly plant-based meals. There are a few plans to choose from and the box comes with recipe directions. Each meal serves two. I haven’t tried this, but it’s something that I know other vegans enjoy. I am not sponsored by this company. 

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Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online store that sells organic and vegan products at a lower price than traditional grocery stores. Also, when you sign up a subscription is given to a family or person in need for free. I do not use this, but I would like to in the future. I am not sponsored by Thrive Market. 

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Household Items

Household items are very useful and practical presents for both genders. Here are some more sustainable and mindful options. 


If you are buying for a content creator or a techie, then tech related gifts are great (that was redundant). Some of these are affordable and others are more expensive. Just work with the budget you have. 


Many people complain about getting gift cards. I am a broke college student, so I actually use gift cards. If you don’t know what to get someone, a gift card and maybe a homemade present is a nice combination. If someone is upset that you got them an impersonal gift – that is their problem, not yours.  

This recipe is coming soon!

DIY gifts or Christmas goodies are thoughtful options. I would never be upset by a homemade gift and it is much more intimate because it is not from a mainstream store. It is also more affordable. 

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas. This post wasn’t intended to pressure you to buy certain products, these are merely ideas. Thank you for reading! If you have gift ideas that I didn’t talk about, leave them in the comments.  

This post was NOT sponsored. I am affiliated with Amazon and iHerb. The photos were either taken by me or from the websites listed in the captions. 

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