How About This Weather?

An all too common phrase in the Midwest. It’s true, if you want the weather to change, just wait five minutes. But do we have to use this as small talk? I’m not a fan of obligatory conversations. I never know how to respond and most of the time I’m just not in the mood to talk to strangers.

However, I can’t help the fact that I am comforted by these monotonous phrases. If someone doesn’t start a conversation with a statement about the weather or doesn’t ask me how I am doing, something feels off. We’ve created these necessary phrases to begin the engagement process. As much as we might hate it, we have certain rules for communication. They can change depending on where you are. Where I live, small talk is absolutely necessary.

I used to despise small talk. I would also get flustered and anxious. But the great thing about small talk is people really don’t care. They care enough to ask about how you’re doing; but as long as you respond, you are fulfilling your side of the bargain.

So before you bash small talk, remember that it is all about human connection. Yes, it can be annoying and cringy at times. Sometimes you just have to do it though. Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts on small talk in the comments. Also, I now have over 600 followers. Thank you so much!!

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  1. Small talk is a conversation starter where I live too. You start with how are you? How was your day? However, how do you find the weather? is not so common. Someone might randomly just say that it is too wet or too hot when the weather becomes too much.

      1. I think the reason why people talk alot about the weather might be because the weather is a central happenstance in their lives. I would think that in every country that experiences extreme weather conditions or seasons people would definitely talk more about the weather than in countries such as mine wherein the weather just about stays the same throughout the year.

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