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The law of attraction is a new(ish) philosophy that basically means that your thoughts and perceptions attract certain energies into your life. I’m not going to get into a complex discussion of vibrations. But I think we can all agree that mindset dictates a lot of our lives. Living in a positive way, attracts more positive energy. Recently, I believed I have manifested certain things into my life and I want to share them with you.

To start out with, I believe that the universe is magical and knows what you truly want/need and when you realize that, that is when you can attract good energy (previous manifestation post at the end). When manifesting things, the universe will provide in the most efficient and effective way. Timing is a big aspect. You have to be patient. Some manifestations come to fruition right away and others will take longer because that’s just how the universe works and you won’t realize the significance until after it happens.


This is probably the main thing people want to attract in their life. I started attracting more money into my life when I stopped believing that money was evil. I had to accept the fact that people need money to buy necessary items and money also allows you freedom to do the things you are passionate about (travel, photography, etc.). These were my first steps. I additionally visualized what I wanted to do with the money I earned. Simply visualizing cash will not attract money, in my opinion. However, visualizing abundance and the items you want to spend money on helps. Also, it helps to reevaluate why you want more money. If it is for superficial reasons, this will affect your manifestation of it.

Not obsessing about my lack of money also attracted more money into my life. I am not careless with my money, but if I truly want to splurge on an item I will go ahead and buy it (this doesn’t happen frequently). This kind of thinking allowed jobs to basically fall into my lap, which then led to an increase in income. Like I said, the universe works efficiently. So for me, the easiest and most effective way for me to obtain more money, was for job opportunities to slap me in the face. The law of attraction isn’t always sheer luck. When you are manifesting money, it probably won’t be finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk. It is truly possible to manifest money! I just want to point out that while I use the law of attraction to manifest money, I also budget wisely and work hard. I also do not want to come off like I am bragging that I have tons of money, because I definitely do not. I am just trying to explain how I manifested some money into my life.


This is similar to manifesting money. To attract more people into my life, I imagine what activities I want to participate in and also the feelings associated with those friendships. If you want a loving relationship, start acting with unconditional love and imagine those feelings that you’ll have when you meet those people. I’m not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship, just any type of relationship.

I’ve been visualizing activities and thinking of my friends more. I am on winter break, so I have not seen my friends for a while, but we have been texting more often since I changed my way of thinking. This is an area that I am still working on.


I touched on this in my last post. I have been visualizing growth of my social media and it has actually happened. My intention for growing social media isn’t based on the number and I believe this is why it has manifested itself. My intention is positive, I simply want to spread veganism and intentional living. I also like other posts and leave genuine comments.


This is something I have also been manifesting. I am not going to go into detail, because I manifested this in the same ways. I also am grateful for each meal and regularly look at food pictures. I do not pray before I eat, but I express my thankfulness for each meal.

Overall, I think the law of attraction and manifestation comes down to intention, gratitude, and visualization. You can practice this no matter what religion or faith you belong to. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you better understand the law of attraction.


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  1. Thank you for sharing that…..I am working on my intentional manifestation also. But I must first recognize all my unintentional manifestations to help me understand how the law of attraction is always working. I must admit though, it is hard to maintain an emotion of satisfaction and gratitude when my financial situation is dire. But I believe, because I have seen how the universe responds to my every thought, my positive and negative thoughts.

    1. Yes it is very important to understand that you can manifest negative intentions. Sometimes I manifest the same amount of positive and negative things just because of my outlook. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Agreed. The universe knows exactly what we want & need. I feel like many people go wrong with the law of attraction when they don’t combine it with the law of action. Manifesting things is a wonderful way to gravitate these opportunities towards us, but if we don’t take action (budgeting, practicing, training, dieting, studying etc) it won’t come as easily. I love how you made sure to point out that it takes more than just deciding you want something.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I’m glad you liked the post. It can be hard to make it a daily habit, sometimes I have to remind myself. The best thing you can do is try your best!

  3. YES! Believe in yourself first, and manifest in the present! If you try manifesting in the future, you know what? It’ll always be in the future…
    Thanks, so much for sharing… Thanks, for stopping in and I’ll continue to do the same!
    -Happy Manifesting!

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