Over It

This phrase is common among millennials. “I am over it” or “So over it”. While this has a negative connotation sometimes, I feel it can be positive in certain ways. Moving on from things that don’t suit your life can be extremely beneficial to your mental health.  Sometimes it’s just easier to say that you are over it.

Enjoy my week in pictures! All photos in this post were taken by me.


I was taking a walk and taking pictures when I thought about this.

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Literally everything used to bother me. I would get upset about the dumbest things.


I don’t know when it started, but I eventually just kept saying “I’m over it”.

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I eventually said it enough and so I started to believe it.

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I’m “over it” truly. Small inconveniences don’t bother me. I don’t make assumptions about people’s behavior and I don’t stress over events that haven’t happened. I’m not saying that I am completely unphased by anything that happens to me. But by telling myself to “let it go” or “get over it”, I am taking a step in a peaceful direction.

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  1. I want to see more nature photos! I really like your style. I was thinking about spending my summer in southern Missouri and now I’m dying to. The plants and trails and fences are all so familiar.

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