Peace is talked about quite often. Sometimes it seems like this unattainable idea. I think most people would agree though, that it is increasingly important to find inner peace at this moment in time. Our world is in chaos and peace feels far off in the distance (this thought could have it’s own post). But I digress, a basic definition of peace is, “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility”.

While we can’t always control the peacefulness in our environment, I believe I can offer some insight into this idea of peace.

First, peace is for everyone. Everyone is deserving of peace and no one should be able to take it away from you. Second, it is more about your mindset than your environment. It is easier to find peace if you live in a tranquil location, but peace is an inner feeling and belief. Lastly, everyone should want to achieve peace. This isn’t a religious thing and it should matter what belief system you adhere to. Peace needs to be a goal.

If you are having trouble achieving peace, then I urge you to immerse yourself in a passion or find a quiet place to sit and think. You don’t need to be a master of meditation to find peace, you just need to find activities that are relaxing and fulfilling. Inner peace takes a while to develop, so patience is extremely important. You are not going to become “zen” overnight.

Peace “takes work”. Throughout your day, you need to take deep breaths and you need to be more aware of yourself and how you interact in your environment. Something that helped me, was when I realized that getting personally offended is pointless. Everyone lives in their own world, so to that person what they said or did wasn’t intended to be offensive because in “their world” it’s not. Of course, this doesn’t apply to situations in which people intentionally hurt you (you shouldn’t be around those people anyway). But when I realized this idea-that everyone lives in their own world, it was instantly easier to achieve peace within myself.

Activities that help me find peace:

~ Hiking, walking, and running. Basically anything in gives me a peaceful sensation.

~ Listening to music while laying down.

~ Writing lists.

~ Thinking about something bigger than myself. Take yourself out of your body if that makes any sense.

~ The sound of rain on my window. You can look up rain sounds online or download an app called “Calm”.

~ Being around animals. Spend some time with your pet or volunteer at an animal shelter.

~ Think of a “happy place”.

I hope this rambling was helpful!


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