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To some, running is hell. It is the workout that everyone dreads. I felt that way several years ago. But now running has become a regular part of my routine. My running journey has taught me several things. One thing I have learned is that it’s hard to run your best each time. Some days it’s hard to pick up your legs and other days running a half marathon seems like a piece of cake. I want to share advice that helps you run great each time (I’ve also included a helpful graphic).

One of the most important things is fueling your body. For me, following a vegan lifestyle has been the best for my energy levels (and the animals). Plant-based diets are great for cardio workouts. Inflammation levels decrease and your heart health increases. Whatever eating plan you follow, just make sure that on the days you run you are eating more fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and plant sources of protein.

Building a base and wearing the right gear. Running takes patience and it is important to stay consistent with your workout routine. Building a base makes running so much easier and strengthens your muscles overall.  It is also important to wear the right gear. Dress for the weather and also invest in good running shoes. You don’t need tons of Nike gear, but your shoes should be the most expensive part of your running routine. Choose a pair that will last a while and that suits your running needs.

Staying calm and focused. Being calm when you run will improve your breathing and allow you to run longer. Also, focusing on your form will distract you from your sometimes labored breathing and tired legs.

Running at the right time. In my opinion, it is best to run in the early morning or at night. One of the reasons is because it is cooler and you will be less likely to get dehydrated. I also like to run in the evening or morning because it is a good way to either wind down or start the day off right.

My last pieces of advice are: stretch, hydrate, and refuel. You don’t have to do these things in order, but it is super important to grab some water and then stretch. I like to do a quick 10 minute yoga video to loosen my muscles. I will also grab a snack. I like having a banana with some peanut butter or a small smoothie after I run.

I wanted to include this graphic from Aaptiv. Aaptiv is an audio fitness app. It provides workouts and is like having a personal trainer in your ear buds. If you are new to running, I strongly suggest checking this app out. Next month, they are launching new 5k trainings so that will be super helpful to your running routine.


I hope this post was helpful! Running is a great way to stay healthy and it always relieves my stress. If you have any other running tips, please leave them in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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