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If you have been following my blog, then you know that I was on a 10 day trip. I traveled to the “South” and did service work and also experienced the rich culture of Savannah, Georgia.

Georgia isn’t often on people’s list of places to vacation, but I truly think it is worth the visit! What’s not to like? Savannah has: an amazing downtown, rich (also dark) history, friendly people, tasty food, awesome bars, and peaches are literally everywhere.

If you are planning a trip to Savannah, here is what you need to check out. If you aren’t planning a trip to Savannah, then I hope this persuades you to go.

*Pictures included at the end of the post.

Haunted Tours

This was probably my favorite thing I did in Savannah. The city has a fascinating history and because of this, there are allegedly quite a few spirits. The haunted tour I did was a walking tour, but there are some that are in a bus. There are various haunted tours so it’s easy to pick one to suit your needs. The one I did was the “adult” version and we walked around downtown Savannah at night and went to key spots. Our tour guide also showed us photographic evidence of paranormal activity. Whether you are a skeptic or not, the haunted tours are informational and fun.

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Wormsloe Historic Site

When you think of the deep south, picturesque Spanish Moss trees and plantations often come to mind. The Wormsloe Historic Site is exactly that. This historic site used to be a plantation and was established by one of Georgia’s colonial founding fathers. Not only is this historic site gorgeous, there are tabby ruins and recreations of colonial structures. Films have even used this location for scenery. The descendents still live on part of the property, but the rest is open to the public. However, a tour of the plantation will cost a few dollars. In my opinion, it is worth it though.

Bonaventure Cemetery

This cemetery is open to the public and free to tour. The cemetery is beautiful and has impressive burial plots.  It is located by the Wilmington River and was even featured in, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. This is a great place for learning more about the history of Savannah.

River Street

This isn’t one place, but a section of downtown Savannah. You might have guessed from the name, but this part of town runs adjacent to the Savannah river. It nearly consists of bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stop at every single restaurant. But, the bars and restaurants I went to were great. The drinks were always flowing and I even had some vegan options. I went on a haunted pub crawl and most of the bars we stopped at were along the river. It blew my mind that I was having a beer in a three hundred year old cotton factory.

Museums and Squares

So many museums and not enough time. The first museum I went to was the “Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. This museum is small, but well-organized and extremely informational. This museum documents the struggles of the civil rights movement specifically in Georgia. If you are a history lover, then I recommend this museum. The staff was also friendly and knowledgable. I also visited the Sorrel-Weed House. This isn’t a traditional museum, it is a historically accurate representation of the original Francis Sorrel House. It is considered a historic landmark and it is commonly referred to as haunted. The house is beautiful and the story behind it is intriguing. The only drawback is it $20 per person to tour.

Downtown Savannah also has many squares. Each of them are scenic and make you feel like you are in a different time period. One is called, “Lafayette Square” and there is also “Forsyth Park”. Basically, there is a pretty park/square every few blocks. If you are a little worn out from all of the haunted tours and drinking, I suggest sitting on a quiet park bench in Lafeyette Square.

Tybee Island 

This is technically outside of Savannah, but everyone in Savannah goes to Tybee Island. This small island (barrier island) town is known for its calm and sandy beaches. The beach has a large pier and pavilion. The beach was clean and the water was nice. It was very scenic and had a lot of wildlife. I would say that it is perfect for everyone. There is also a still functioning light house from the 18th century. People were very friendly and there were a lot of little shops. If you are visiting the Savannah area, then I strongly urge you to visit Tybee Island.


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