Should You Take Supplements?

A somewhat controversial question, especially in the wellness community. With a well-rounded plant-based diet, you don’t need any supplementation. Every vegan has heard this and most of us have probably said it. But let’s be honest, who eats a clean whole foods plant-based diet 100% of the time? Not me, I like my vegan junk food. Supplementation isn’t even a vegan problem. Omnivores, herbivores, and “clean-eaters” can all be susceptible to nutrient deficiencies. Here is a CDC report on nutrient deficiencies.

I’ve talked about this a little in the past, but I wanted to do a separate post about vitamins/supplements. I used to never rely on supplements. I only relied on my food to provide me adequate nourishment. My blood tests always came back normal, but I found myself prone to fatigue. Tiredness is caused by many factors but when I started incorporating a multivitamin and other supplements into my routine, I started to feel more energetic and I felt healthier. Some might say this is a placebo effect since supplements haven’t been proven to improve health. But either way, if it’s working then there is no harm. I would discuss the topic with a healthcare professional before you make any drastic changes though.

I am a very busy college student, so I use supplements as insurance. On a regular basis, I take a multivitamin and I make sure that the one I take has B vitamins along with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, and zinc. Sometimes I’ll add a vitamin B12 and iron supplement alongside my multivitamin. In the winter, I sometimes incorporate turmeric and an immune boosting supplement. I do this to avoid the dreaded flu season.


I was lucky enough to collaborate with NativOrganics for this post. I tried many of their products and I was impressed! Their products are full of quality ingredients and they are all plant-based. I especially enjoyed the Turmeric, Ache Angel, and Immune Max. I will definitely take these when I feel a touch of cold coming on.

Long story short…do you absolutely need supplements? No, but it can help you improve your health. Especially if you are busy, suffer from chronic health concerns, and/or live in a colder climate. You don’t have to take what I take, but you might experiment and see which supplements work for you. My outlook on it is that I would rather take an immune supplement now than get sick and have to take medicine later on. I hope this post answered some of your questions about supplements. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

*All photos taken by me. This post is in collaboration with NativOrganics , but all opinions are my own and I wasn’t paid to write this. I am not a nutritionist nor a physician, please speak with a professional before making any huge dietary changes.


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Brilliant. Loved reading this post!

Florida Fruit Geek

There’s an excellent app called Cronometer (no letter ‘h’) that’s great for analyzing the nutritional content of one’s diet. Just enter everything you eat, and it tells you how much of each nutrient you’re consuming, compared to the recommended amounts. I think everyone should try it for at least a week, to see if you’re running short on any nutrients. For me, almost everything comes up within recommended ranges, except for two nutrients I consistently come up short on in a vegan diet: Vitamin D and B12. The body can produce D when exposed to sunlight, but B12 is harder… Read more »

Lydia Shaddon

It definitely is important to be sure DHA, B vitamins, some vitamin D and water soluble vitamins are well provided for, whether through food, pre-made meal replacement shakes, and drink powders. I have been using Isagenix nutrition systems and I am really impressed by the bio-availability of the nutrients. The vegans I have seen with B12 deficiencies really have not shown symptoms of B12 deficiencies… so our body does recycle B12 well. I usually avoid supplementing B12 daily, because I have noticed a lot of foods are fortified with it now.

With love, Caroline

Very interesting post ! 😄


I feel like supplements are basically a must for everyone.


[…] Should You Take Supplements? […]


My husband and I got sick taking multi-vitamins. My doctor, who is also a nutrition expert, said we ate too well and it was an over dose. We take a few specific vitamin supplements known to be low in the soil in our area and in us. Plus I take a couple for faulty organs I was born with to boost them. So whether vitamins are a good thing depends on your body, where you live, how you eat, and the quality of the supplement. But ultimately we are what we eat. Good food is the best source. Supplementation in… Read more »

Marcie Galacio

Hi, This is a great food recipe, thank you for taking the time to write the article for the great post.


Hi Kaley – I have some really good stuff on the nature of nutrients and health – and one article on supplements called “What’s in your Pill?”