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    Asian Inspired Tempeh Salad

    One of my New Year intentions for 2019 was to eat more greens. While I am vegan, I do not particularly love salads. In the past, I would only eat taco salads, for obvious reasons. I became determined to create a salad that I could actually enjoy eating. I thought of all the foods I love. My favorite protein is tempeh. I eat stir fry a lot. Tahini is a staple. I also go for cheap meals. Not cheap as in bad, but cheap as in affordable. I try to eat mainly whole foods as long as they are tasty. This recipe checks all of the boxes for me. Pin…

  • Main Dishes,  Veganism

    Thai Peanut Noodles // Vegan

    This is something that sounds complicated, but really this recipe is incredibly easy. I make peanut noodles whenever I need a quick meal that is very filling and nutritious. This recipe is plant-based of course, but carnivores will also like this. I used a meat substitute, but that is not even necessary. Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 15-20 minutes Printer Friendly Version HERE INGREDIENTS… 1/2 package of rice noodles or preferred noodle. 1/2 yellow onion. 1 cup of spinach. 1/2 bag of frozen stir fry vegetables or… 1 cup of broccoli. 1 carrot. A handful of mushrooms. 1 cup of sugar snap peas. 1 teaspoon of minced…

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