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    Winter Spell

    While I was driving today, I heard Christmas music on the radio and I was truly confused. Then it dawned on me…it’s the first week of December. I just now started working on holiday recipes and I haven’t gotten any presents for my family yet. Definitely need to get it together. … Like I do each month, I’m going to share some photos from November. It’s been bitter cold, so I didn’t take as many as normal. Enjoy! Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you had a good November and I hope you will have an even better December. Camera Gear: Camera | Lens | Phone Advertisements

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    August Captures

    August was the month of golden light.  Luckily, I was at the right place at the right time and my photos turned out illuminated. To some of you I might sound arrogant, but I am just explaining my work and taking pride in my passions. I digress… These are just some of the photos I took in August. You might think I titled this “lock and key” to be obscure and deep, but it’s really because I took a cool picture of a lock. Not everything is a hidden message with me. The sunsets this month were one of a kind. I thoroughly enjoyed the month of August (up until…

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    February Captures

    “In winter, you feel the bone structure of the landscape.” ~ Andrew Wyeth. I’m back again with another monthly round up of my pictures. I don’t have as many nature photos because February was brutally cold. All of these were taken in Kansas, in case you were wondering. NATURE… I really focused on detail in the month of February. I wanted to capture small moments that sparked something in me. My other love. FOOD… You might have seen some of these pictures in my previous post. I clearly was obsessed with breakfast food in February. I hope you all enjoyed the photos! Thanks for visiting my blog. February wasn’t the…