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    Winter Spell

    While I was driving today, I heard Christmas music on the radio and I was truly confused. Then it dawned on me…it’s the first week of December. I just now started working on holiday recipes and I haven’t gotten any presents for my family yet. Definitely need to get it together. … Like I do each month, I’m going to share some photos from November. It’s been bitter cold, so I didn’t take as many as normal. Enjoy! Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you had a good November and I hope you will have an even better December. Camera Gear: Camera | Lens | Phone Advertisements

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    You Just Went Vegan…What’s Next?

    Welcome to my second coffee chats post, featuring my medium roast coffee with soy milk. I’ve been blogging for quite some time now and I just realized that I have never talked about my vegan journey or given advice to new vegans. I have talked about budgets, benefits and I have many recipes; but I think it’s time to give some unsolicited advice based on my experiences. Spark notes version of my journey… At about 16 years old, I made the decision to be vegetarian. But I wasn’t a strict vegetarian, so I had been vegetarian on and off until I was 20 years old. Around two years ago in January,…

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    Saying Farewell to Autumn

    Bye Bye Fall. It has already started snowing where I live, so I think it is safe to say that my Autumn experience is over. It’s been a good time, but I am excited for winter. I thought I would share some fall photos as my way of saying farewell.     I hope you enjoyed these photos. I’m going to miss these fall sunsets. Tell me in the comments something you will miss about Autumn. I recently invested in a 50 mm lens and I am pleased with it so far. I will post my review soon. Most of these photos were taken with my canon eos rebel sl2. Have a…

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    October in Review

    “I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ~ L.M Montgomery | Ann of Green Gables. I had an amazing October! Nothing super special happened, I just enjoyed doing the typical autumnal activities. Going to the pumpkin patch, relaxing, eating pumpkin spice everything – you get the gist. This is my October in review, I hope you enjoy! I hope you like the photos. I didn’t take very many this month because I was busy with school/work and also some personal things. I took these with my phone and also my camera. It’s definitely a moody time of year and that shows! I tried to capture the essence…

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    Takers // Coffee Chats

    Welcome to my new series! I always see YouTubers do these posts where they eat/drink and talk about a topic. So I thought I would do that in a written format. Grab some coffee, tea, or whatever you want and join me in this discussion (only if you want to of course). I want to talk about selfishness today. Everyone is a little selfish at times. But I’ve been really frustrated because I feel like I am surrounded by takers. People that are only around you when they want someone. They take, take, and take until you just feel exhausted. They don’t think of how their actions affects you or…

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    My Favorite Cruelty-Free and Organic Products

    This isn’t something I typically would post because I loathe shopping. But I haven’t posted about cruelty-free products in a while and I get questions so…here I am, writing about the products I use. I consider myself an ethical vegan, which means that I buy cruelty-free lifestyle and beauty products. If I can afford an organic option then I will also purchase that. It can get expensive, but buying online definitely helps. I also avoid buying makeup, so I save money there. All of these products I am going to share are affordable and add value to my life. Pin This ⇓♥ Deva Vitamins It’s usually difficult to find vitamins…

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    Autumn’s Beginning

    Standing in the middle of a field on a cloudy and windy day, I realized that summer is over. … I’m not one to typically do the fall aesthetic thing on my blog. but I did do a shoot recently and the photos look like a transition from summer to autumn. If that makes sense. The sunflowers are still out, but the landscape is turning darker. The photos definitely turned out moody. Okay, on to what you came here for. …   … I hope you enjoyed the autumn-ish photos! I have some posts planned, but if you have any ideas let me know. Side note: I have been wanting to…

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    August Captures

    August was the month of golden light.  Luckily, I was at the right place at the right time and my photos turned out illuminated. To some of you I might sound arrogant, but I am just explaining my work and taking pride in my passions. I digress… These are just some of the photos I took in August. You might think I titled this “lock and key” to be obscure and deep, but it’s really because I took a cool picture of a lock. Not everything is a hidden message with me. The sunsets this month were one of a kind. I thoroughly enjoyed the month of August (up until…

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    I Want to be Great

    We all want to, right? We all want greatness and we all want to be successful. But what happens when you get too caught up in it? Perfectionism in combination with impatience can be debilitating at times. I am usually driven and this is partly because I strive for flawlessness. Not flawlessness in a beauty sense, but I hate mistakes and they easily upset me. On the other hand, focusing on goals and aspirations typically gives me more energy. I enjoy hard work and achieving goals I set. The pros, for the most part, outweigh the cons. What happens when they don’t? At times, it can seem like too much.…

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    So…I was going to write a poem about forests because I was really inspired by the photos I took. But I am no poet and I wouldn’t do “the forest” justice. I guess you should just use your imagination as you enjoy these photos.     I shot these photos in the woods where I used to run cross country. If you are curious, it’s in Missouri. Being back there brought back so many positive memories. I truly felt connected to nature in these moments. It had just rained the night before so everything was lush. Most of these photos are pretty basic looking, but they hold more sentimental value…