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    Veganism is a Privilege & Other Thoughts

    It’s time to ruffle some feathers! I am going to talk about the “p” word, so if you are triggered by topics about privilege, then this is your warning. Before I dive into what I want to talk about, I just need to give a little disclaimer. I am vegan and I love this lifestyle and I am not bashing or gossiping about anyone specifically. Moving on… When I was a new vegan, I would get really annoyed when people said that it was too hard and too expensive and all those other excuses. I used to think that any person regardless of economic status could adopt a vegan lifestyle.…

  • Lifestyle,  Veganism

    Sick During the Holidays

    During the holiday season, it seems like there are always a few unlucky individuals that get sick. This year, I was the unlucky person. A few days ago, I had a gross stomach virus. Fortunately, I got over it fairly quickly. I want to share some things that helped me and hopefully they will help you get healthy before Christmas parties/dinners. 1. Drink Fluids This is probably the most important (and obvious) step if you are sick. It is really common to become dehydrated from a stomach virus or other sickness. Drinking tons of water will restore balance to your body and will reduce fatigue. I became dehydrated from my…