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    Should You Take Supplements?

    A somewhat controversial question, especially in the wellness community. With a well-rounded plant-based diet, you don’t need any supplementation. Every vegan has heard this and most of us have probably said it. But let’s be honest, who eats a clean whole foods plant-based diet 100% of the time? Not me, I like my vegan junk food. Supplementation isn’t even a vegan problem. Omnivores, herbivores, and “clean-eaters” can all be susceptible to nutrient deficiencies. Here is a CDC report on nutrient deficiencies. I’ve talked about this a little in the past, but I wanted to do a separate post about vitamins/supplements. I used to never rely on supplements. I only relied…

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    My Favorite Cruelty-Free and Organic Products

    This isn’t something I typically would post because I loathe shopping. But I haven’t posted about cruelty-free products in a while and I get questions so…here I am, writing about the products I use. I consider myself an ethical vegan, which means that I buy cruelty-free lifestyle and beauty products. If I can afford an organic option then I will also purchase that. It can get expensive, but buying online definitely helps. I also avoid buying makeup, so I save money there. All of these products I am going to share are affordable and add value to my life. Pin This ⇓♥ Deva Vitamins It’s usually difficult to find vitamins…

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    Sweet Treats for Vegans

    Following a vegan lifestyle shouldn’t feel limiting! You don’t need to say goodbye to your favorite treats when you adopt a plant-based diet. Only a few easy substitutions are needed! I have three sweet treats that I want to share. They are fully vegan and beginner friendly. Pin This ⇓♥ 1. Lemon Blueberry Bread I cheated on this one because it’s barely homemade. This is more of a food hack. Most baking mixes are accidentally vegan. Instead of using eggs use a flax egg (1 tbsp of flax seeds with 2-3 tbsps of water = 1 egg) or 1/2 of a mashed banana. If the box calls for milk, just use…

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    Quick Vegan Meals | Summer Edition

    Summer can be a very busy time. Most of us can’t be bothered to cook elaborate meals, especially when we would rather be outside or hanging out with friends. These meals are super simple and also fresh and light (inspired by summer). I hope you enjoy these healthy vegan meals. Pin This ♥⇓ 1. Greek Orzo Salad This is something I ate a lot prior to being vegan. My family used to make this with chicken and feta cheese, but now I just omit those ingredients. This is a good dish to meal prep because it serves about 2-4 and it stays well in the refrigerator. Ingredients… 1/2 Package of orzo…

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