So You Started a Blog…

Literally everyone and their mom is “building a brand”. Which is great, I love seeing people sharing their passions on social media. But scrolling through blogs and Instagram, I see some things that make me cringe. Not in a bad way, it just brings back memories from my early blogging


I Want to be Great

We all want to, right? We all want greatness and we all want to be successful. But what happens when you get too caught up in it? Perfectionism in combination with impatience can be debilitating at times. I am usually driven and this is partly because I strive for flawlessness.


So…I was going to write a poem about forests because I was really inspired by the photos I took. But I am no poet and I wouldn’t do “the forest” justice. I guess you should just use your imagination as you enjoy these photos.     I shot these photos