The Nifty Fifty Review

The infamous 50 mm lens. Most photography enthusiasts rave about this lens, with good reason. For non-professionals or people just starting out in photography it can be intimidating to stray from the kit lens.

Before purchasing this lens, I read tons of reviews. Everything I know about photography is self-taught. I am not incredibly knowledgeable about the technical side of a dslr. Most reviews were highly technical and on one hand this was helpful. But on the other hand, it made me confused as to whether it was worth the investment. I’ll try to keep this review reader friendly.

The 50 mm lens is the smaller one near the camera strap and the one my hand is next to in the first image.

Typically this lens retails for around $125. Right from the start, it is apparent that it is less expensive than other prime lenses. It is also smaller and it is often called a “walking around” lens. After using it for some time, I would agree that it is a great every day lens.

The images with this lens are clearer and brighter. This lens is better for lower light situations because it allows more light in. Additionally, this lens blurs the background and so it’s great for close up shots. No manual zoom is needed so images are less distorted. You can use this lens for many styles of photography. I use this for nature and food photography. I have heard from many people that it is also good for portraits.

It is different to use compared to a kit lens, but it didn’t take long to make the necessary adjustments. For food set ups, I do have to stand farther away. However, the photos turn out clearer and more vibrant in color. If standing far away bothers you, using a tripod works well with this lens. The only other complaint I have is it sometimes can be loud when focusing. Honestly, it’s not a big deal to me.

I no longer have to do tons of editing in post processing because of this lens. To recap…this is a great lens. It is affordable, versatile, and creates better images. If you were to ask me about camera gear, I would totally recommend this as an additional lens to buy. Even if you are not technically trained, it is still easy to use. You can still create visually pleasing images with a kit lens, but the 50 mm lens is a level up. 90% of the time, I am using this lens.

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I hope this post was helpful! Buying a new lens is such a big decision so I tried to make this review brief, yet helpful. If you have thoughts on the lens, leave a comment. If you have questions, I can go into detail in the comments as well. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve been thinking about getting one for years but I always heard it was just a good tool for portrait photography and it’s not great for landscapes. Do you like a 18-200 mm lens?

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