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Vegan Brunch in Los Angeles, California

I am very excited about today’s post! Pauline from and I have collaborated! Her blog is all about travel, lifestyle, and photography. I highly recommend you check it out! She wrote a post for me and I wrote a post for her. You can find my post about traveling as a vegan on her blog. For my blog, she wrote about the best brunch spots in LA. Enjoy!

By Pauline from

Finding brunch in LA is like finding hay in a haystack, and a large handful of them serve or are starting to serve vegetarian and vegan options! Because there are so many brunch locations to choose from, I put together a list of just a few spots in and around Los Angeles that have almost completely vegan menus!  

1. Little Pine Restaurant | This restaurant is located in the northern area of Los Angeles near Glendale, and it caught my eye because they mentioned that all of their profits go to animal organizations, which is amazing! They are 100% plant based and serve a variety of pastries, salads, and main courses such as avocado toast (a must) and lemon poppyseed pancakes. I noticed a lot more variety in their menu compared to some other locations, which I really appreciated. The website is super easy to navigate and I definitely recommend giving it a try!

2.Cafe Gratitude | This restaurant has a few locations in Los Angeles, as well as one in Venice and one in San Diego. Their whole theme is wellness and, well, gratitude! Not only that, but all of their ingredients are purchased from local, sustainable farms, which stood out to me because I’m a huge advocate for anything that benefits the environment. Just by reading through the menu and the ingredients, I could tell how healthy everything was, and I would definitely recommend this cafe to anyone who’s looking for a positive, uplifting brunch experience!

3. The Butcher’s Daughter | I’m sure you’ve heard a ton of amazing things about this restaurant, and I’m here to assure you that it’s all true! While it’s not quite entirely vegan, this restaurant is 100% vegetarian with many vegan and gluten-free options. I visited the Venice Beach location with my sister a while back, and we both loved the environment and, of course, the food. I tried the acai bowl (which I’m really craving right now) and a coffee, which both tasted amazing! They offer a wide variety of coffees, wellness drinks, juices, and smoothies, as well as pastries, bowls, and burgers. Here are a few pictures I took during our visit:

4. Real Food Daily | This restaurant recently re-opened and it is located in West Hollywood, Pasadena, and LAX. This one has so much variety in its menu: from sandwiches to pizza to pancakes! They are also completely plant based and have a majority of gluten-free options. But the bottom line is – they serve breakfast all day, so it has to be great no matter what, right?

5. By CHLOE. | This restaurant has a location in Los Angeles on Glendale Blvd, but it also has locations in New York, Rhode Island, and London! The menu includes meals for all times of the day, but we’re going to focus on the brunch, of course! Their smoothie bowl sounds delicious, and it’s not too far from the quinoa hash browns! I noticed they also have a lot of options with tofu, so if that’s something you’re interested in, then I totally recommend this restaurant!

6. Kitchen Mouse Cafe | Although it is an entirely vegetarian restaurant, it does serve countless vegan and gluten-free meals as well! They are well known for their vegan pancakes, and some more unique items I found on the brunch menu include Mikey’s Chilaquiles and Jackfruit Crabby Cake Benedict! The colorful interior coupled with the kids’ menu is perfect if you’re brunching with kids!

I hope this could help you come up with some ideas for your next brunch trip in Los Angeles! I tried to narrow it down to a few cafes that I had either tried and loved, or heard great things about. Thank you so much for reading!

Thanks, Pauline for writing a wonderful post on my blog!

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