Vegan Thanksgiving Recap

This is a little late, but there is still one day left in November so I guess it’s okay. Thanksgiving can be stressful for vegans or those on a plant based diet. Your family might not be supportive or could pressure you to eat animal products.

If I am being honest, I had some of these feelings too. My family has no problem with my vegan lifestyle, but I still had a little anxiety about the holiday. Turns out, it is really easy to “veganize” thanksgiving food.

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I was so grateful because my parents made all of the sides vegan friendly. I didn’t make a tofurkey this year, so I just ate sides and it was delicious! We had roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes with pecan topping, vegan friendly stuffing, and vegan friendly mashed potatoes.

I also made a vegan and gluten free dessert. This is sweet potato bread and it is topped with pecans, almond butter, and agave. This isn’t my original recipe, the recipe is from:

Thanksgiving and holidays in general are great opportunities for spreading the vegan message. I like to use the holidays to showcase how great vegan food can be and I respectfully talk about why I think it’s a great lifestyle. This is the important part (respectfully). People will be turned off if you constantly criticize them about how they live and eat. Please keep this in mind during the holidays.

Now, I can’t wait for Christmas! I will for sure be posting more holiday related content, keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. That’s so great your family is open minded and supportive of your choices! In the last 4 years I’ve experienced both sides of the coin from family/friends. It is a way more welcoming experience to be accepted and that alone aids me in how I in turn educate those around me on why I choose what I do. My in laws make all the holiday sides vegan as well! Took a couple years but I am so grateful! Really appreciate your post, it is so relatable ❤️

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