You Are More Than A Body

It is extremely easy to get caught up in our vanity. Unfortunately, our society puts a lot of value in our outward appearance. We compare ourselves to our friends, people on magazine covers, and our favorite celebrities.

It breaks my heart to know that some people hate themselves solely because of their looks. People won’t leave their houses unless they have layers of makeup on and wear clothes that cover nearly every inch of flesh (not judging if you love that style). Individuals very dear to me have confessed to me that “no one will ever want to be with me because I am heavy”.

Honestly, this disgusts me. Enough is enough. No one should feel useless because of their body. Who or what is responsible for this? I do not know the answer. But, what I do know is that your body is just flesh. Your body is a vessel that carries your soul, which is your true essence and your true source of beauty. It is more important to be a good human and radiate light. We need to stop putting so much emphasis on physical attraction. I’m not saying that outer beauty is completely useless; but instead of saying “but she’s really pretty” or “he’s super hot though”, we need to say “they were so kind to me”.

Your appearance should never be an excuse for people to disrespect you or make you feel dehumanized. You should treat your body right, but obsessing over your beauty is a waste of energy. Worrying about your appearance will make you miserable. Instead, I challenge you to look at how you treat other people and even yourself. Are you kind? Are you giving? Are you smart? If all you have to offer is your outer beauty, then you are essentially empty. I am a believer that if you put out good “vibes”, then good things will find you regardless of your body type/clothes/face/style.

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